Devon Original 70/-

Brewed by the family for 30 years this traditional Scottish session ale has notes of toffee and caramel washed down with a clean and refreshing hop.

Devon IPA

A natural balance of bitterness with notes of fruit, blended from four of the finest hops. The result is a classic British session IPA. Blessed in taste moreish in nature.

Devon 90/-

The jewel in the crown, this traditional centre-piece Scottish Ale is full of volume with a flavour that delights the taste buds.

Devon 24K

Our first craft Ale, which has delighted beyond all expectations. The excellent variety of hops in this ale have produced a cool crispness which is flavoursome and extremely moreish.

Grumpy Jack’s

Our first smooth flow 70/- Scottish Ale, has all the delightful attributes of our Original with a cool crispness offered by its creamy pour. Discretion will not allow us to be drawn on who it is named after ….!